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Business Hours 8am-10pm
Our Mailing Address
Little A'Le'Inn
HC61 Box 45
Rachel, NV 89001
Bus: (775)729-2515
Fax: (775)729-2551
Nevada State Rules
No smoking in rooms or restraunt
Alcohol 21 years of age with ID
GPS Coordinates
N37° 38.801′
W115° 44.760′

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Area 51 Ranch Cookbook
Area 51 Ranch Cookbook
Our new cook book has recipes from the Little A’Le’Inn and
many of the recipes are from local neighbors. Some from light years ( almost ) away
there are photos of several employees and friends of ours.
Cook book weight is 1 pound
Click image to get a larger view.
Special Introductory Price - Limited Time $5 OFF
$ 24.99
$ 19.99
Area 51 & S-4 Handbook by Chuck Clark
Area 51 & S-4 Handbook by Chuck Clark

Chuck Clark's masterpiece on the mysterious base known as Area 51.

... photos and UFO's. There are many pictures of military hardware and plenty of UFO reports.

As a local author and Area 51 researcher, Chuck Clark can tell you more about the mysterious happenings in the vicinity of Rachel, Nevada than most folks. Chuck's unbiased tale of the US Government's activity in the areas of Lincoln and Nye counties located in Nevada deals with UFO's. This tale is an attempt to fill the void of objectivity in the phenomenon and aerial activities of the local area.

$ 14.99