...OKAY...We're here.... Now what do we do?

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NOTE: GAS UP IN ALAMO if coming from Vegas. GAS UP IN TONOPAH if coming from California

Binoculars, a tripod for your camera, GPS meter, water (or other liquids) and food make these outings a great experience.

Bring proper clothing for warm or hot days and cool or cold nights!!!

The desert can be dangerous day or night!! Bring liquids and stay hydrated at any rate!!! Even safer is to let someone at the Inn know where you are going when you should be back.

1.) GEOCACHING!!! There are thousands of GeoCache sites along Hwy 375. (Go to www.geocaching.com if you don't know what it is)

2.) ASTRONOMY!! You don't have to walk or drive far to get out of the lights and into the dark to see the stars. The clear night sky makes stargazing easy! The best place is 375 north at the county line, 9 miles away. There is a large pullout well away and safe from the highway traffic. Even on a full moon night the stars are spectacular. Another, closer, spot is go north on 375 only 3.5 miles and on the right hand side is a large, flat spot to set up a telescope

3.) Look out the front door and that mountain slightly to the left is Tempiute. You can drive all the way around it and see a forest on the "back" side. Go south on 375 0.5 miles. Turn left and go through the "S" turns and go another 1.7 miles and bear left at the corral (going right gets you back to 375) at 3.0 miles take the fork that goes to the right. After the fork about another three miles the road is subject to washout, and it can be rough but passable. At the 4 mile mark to the right is the Tempiute Mine. Continue on this road and it becomes paved and gets you back to 375. At 375 turn right and 10.2 miles back to the Little A'Le'Inn. (You lose Verizon coverage soon after passing Tempiute Mine.)

4.) Not too far off of 375 (3.9 miles south of the Inn) is the ghost town of Tempiute (see pictures below) which is along the left (north) side of 375 at the 3.9 odometer reading.. Turn left on the dirt road and at the 1.3 mile odometer, take the right fork and at the 2.3 mile mark is the town. It is about 1/3 of a mile long but follow the road until you have to stop and walk to the Ghost Town. (Short walk) NOTE: This road was good enough for a 2WD vehicle with decent clearance on 4/12/15 verizon has good coverage here. NOTE view of Rachel from the ghost town
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5.) Drive out to Quinn Canyon and see there remains of an old stagecoach stop and dip your feet in the natural spring. You lose verizon coverage when you enter the canyon

SEE PICTURES BELOW-- NOTE on 4/12/15 this road was suitable for 2WD with good clearance.

Take 375 north 5.9 miles to Gunderson Road and turn right. there will be a windmaill at 1.8 miles, and you cross a cattle guard at 5.1 miles. At 11.5 miles you reach an old run-down bunkhouse at SMITHWELL (name is on the well tank) , turn left and go over the cattle guard through a fence. If the gate is closed, please close it behind you. If it's open, leave it open. the road immediately wyes to the left and right. Take the right hand road and continue on the main road to the hills in front of you. At 7.7 you enter the canyon and at 9.2 miles there is a gate that might be closed or open. Again, if it;s closed, open it go through and close it, leave it open if it was that way. At the 9.7 mile reading stop and pull into the gate on your left. there is an open area on the with a spring in front of you. you can camp out here or go another 0.2 miles further and there is a large flat area to camp in.
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Drive to Ft. Sims and see Rachel and the surrounding area from a high hill. (a short walk -- less than 1/4 mile)-- is necessary of you have 2WD vehicle. Here's the directions:

Verizon wireless has great coverage at Ft. Sims. GPS co-ordinates are N 37.596 W 115.740

Take 375 south 1.5 miles turn right on dirt road. After you get on the Back Gate road, go 1.8 miles and turn left on dirt road. After getting on the dirt road, go 0.8 miles there is a wildlife guzzler (pond) on the right hand side keep going straight. At 2.1 miles there will be a gate. If gate is open, go through and leave it open. If it's closed, open it and close it after you go through. At 2.3 miles there will be a left fork, stay to the right. At 2.8 miles turn to the right.

There will be a junction ahead just after you turn, both roads end at Ft. Sims. Look on the right-hand hill for the pole, that is where Ft. Sims is.

If you are driving a 2WD vehicle you may just want to walk the (less than) 1/4 mile road to the top. If you're brave, stay on left road. There is room at Ft. Sims to U-turn your vehicle.

Going straight requires 4WD and a high clearance vehicle and a skilled driver. Going left is an easier grade and meets the other road at the top, but 4WD is recommended for either road.

Once you are there, you can sit on the benches and take in the scenery or even spend the night. There is a fire pit at the Fort, but no water or bathrooms.

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Sgt. Howard Stevenson Memorial

7). If you go South on 375 from the Inn there is a hill on the right (looking towards Area 51) that has a cross on it. At 2.9 miles there is a two lane dirt road on the right that heads towards the cross. It is a short walk if your car can't make it up the dirt road.

The cross is a memorial to a Ceres California Police Officer, Sgt. Howard Stevenson, who was killed in the line of duty. There is a memorial plaque on the wall at the end of the bar nearest the front door regarding this event. If you want further information go to http://www.odmp.org/agency/5036-ceres-police-department-california to read more about the tragic event.

Also, Unit #2 has a sign on the front porch naming it as "The Howie" unit in honor of Sgt. Howard Stevenson.

8. Ever been to an underground nuclear test site? Or to Basecamp?
.. a backup runway to Area 51?
Go to Project Faultless test site and get your picture next to the plaque! GAS UP IN ALAMO FIRST!!!
Then, go north on 375 to Warm Springs... then turn right and go North on 6 to Base Camp (buildings on the left of the highway about 9 miles north of Warm Springs) then follow a series of dirt roads to the site, Doing a map search of "Project Faultless" online explains how to get there.